159/3.87 UG + 3.73 MS Elec Engineering

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159/3.87 UG + 3.73 MS Elec Engineering

Postby qweryujo » Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:13 pm

Hi all, I'm wondering what your thoughts are on my prospects for getting into a few schools: University of Washington, Georgetown (part time), and maybe somewhere in NY.

I live in Seattle, and have been working as an engineer for the past few years. Currently hate my job because I don't really meet many people, feel like I'm being pigeonholed into a isolating job (towards uninteresting research) with low prospects for promotion at a small company. It doesn't help that the pay is (relatively) bad (<<70k), but I've managed to get debt free after my MS degree, save up a good chunk of change in my retirement account, and have ~20k in liquid assets for whatever I choose to do next.

What I would want to do with a law degree is head into either IP law, or something with an international bent (international business, or immigration). I know my scores are a bit low and that my UG was from a no-name school, and admissions doesn't really look at graduate GPAs, so I'm limited in where I'll be going. Also, I'm planning on taking some language classes while at law school and doing study abroad in China.

The good thing about UW is if I get accepted, I'll only be paying in-state tuition, wouldn't have to move, etc. Getting into Georgetown would be harder, but since it's PT, maybe it's worth a shot, and then transferring to FT when possible. What about schools in NY? Love the city, but don't know if the cost of going there would justify mountains of debt.

I might retake in Dec, but I feel like I've reached my limit as far as studying effort goes. What are my chances for these places? What about prospects after graduating? Or maybe working in house with Microsoft/Amazon/etc?

Maybe another option is to go back and get a PhD in engineering, but job prospects for that aren't so hot either (also the isolation will drive me nuts)...

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Re: 159/3.87 UG + 3.73 MS Elec Engineering

Postby im_blue » Sun Jun 27, 2010 6:41 am

I'm surprised that you have a 3.73 MSEE and can't find a better job than 70K at a small company. Is the job market for engineers that poor these days?

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