To retake or not to retake--- help, please!!

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To retake or not to retake--- help, please!!

Postby ech41989 » Sat Jun 26, 2010 6:39 am

So, I have been on this site a handful of times but have never posted anything, but I legitimately could use some advice! I took my first LSAT in June and got a 165 after generally scoring in the 163-168 range on PT's. Normally, I would be fairly satisfied with a 165 and probably call it a day, but I bombed the interns LG (normally I don't miss a single LG), so I'm feeling like I should retake to shoot for a 167 or at best 168. Schools I'm considering are (in order of their ranking on this site):

Texas at Austin
North Carolina

Would a 165/3.75 uGPA and applying ASAP (as in September) be enough, or is it best that I attempt to retake and shoot for a 167ish? Bear in mind there is absolutely no guarantee that I would do any better than a 165, as even though I bombed the LG, I did slightly better on RC on the real LSAT than in my PT's. My softs are good but from what I know they aren't incredibly important and selection is more of a numbers game. Also keep in mind I'm hoping for some $$ from UGA and UNC.

All advice would help! Thanks!

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