Hispanic(non-mex/pr) Cancel-168-Cancel... retake?

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Re: Hispanic(non-mex/pr) Cancel-168-Cancel... retake?

Postby colombiano123 » Sat Jun 26, 2010 12:26 pm

hax123 wrote:colombiano123, don't let Patriot1208 or anyone else discourage you from applying to top schools. Remember, it's in their interest to have less competition.

My advice is to study hard over the summer and retake the LSAT. Regardless of whether your score improves, I think you should apply to all T14 schools. With a 168/4.0, I'm guessing you'll get CCN at least.

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate everyone's input. I realize that we all have different opinions. I will retake and hopefully do better in October. Thanks.

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