What are your chances? Check LSN first. A brief Intro to LSN

Not sure where your numbers will get you? Dying to know where you stand? Come have your palms read by your fellow posters!
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What are your chances? Check LSN first. A brief Intro to LSN

Postby Scallywaggums » Mon Jun 14, 2010 2:36 pm

In the "PLEASE READ BEFORE ASKING YOUR CHANCES" sticky, the first post is from Mallard: "Should be stickied with an additional link to LSN." I'm sure I'm not the first person to do this, but this section is filled with what ought to be considered spam, so here goes:

The http://officialguide.lsac.org/UGPASearc ... SidString= link is helpful, but LSN is arguably the best place to start, and most of these "XGPA/XLSAT, what are my chances at X?" are unnecessary.

Let's start with American University: http://american.lawschoolnumbers.com/st ... Cycle=0910
You can see that a 3.4+ / 162-164 is virtually auto-admit, while a 163-164 will auto admit unless you're below 3.0.
They seem very interested in raising their LSAT numbers, with data to suggest 165 LSATs will tend to go elsewhere, so anything 165+ is extremely likely to be waitlisted.

Opposite end of the predictability spectrum, U Virginia: http://uva.lawschoolnumbers.com/stats
Great numbers give you consideration, but they have so many applicants that URM status, Virginia residency, various soft factors, LOR's, Personal Statements etc. have more room to be accounted for, and thus may play a significant role in admissions. As you can see, a 3.94/179 is not a golden ticket.

Middle-ish of the spectrum, Columbia: http://columbia.lawschoolnumbers.com/stats
Destroying the LSAT and a great GPA make you very likely for admit, but a handful of stellar applicants were waitlisted. NYU would be slightly less unsure with amazing numbers: http://nyu.lawschoolnumbers.com/stats

Sometimes it really is all about numbers, but with great schools it's about numbers to varying degree, after a threshold of acceptability. Going to a page with a bar listing your % of admissions based on your numbers alone is a far less holistic picture than looking at graphs with two dimensions.

Interested in scholarships? Click on the data points to go to user profiles. You can do so much more with this site and I'd be wasting time getting into it.

I can think of two valid reasons for posting on TLS' "What Are My Chances"
1) A specific question that you can't find an answer to on LSN.
2) Increasing your sample size. Lower tier schools and Canadian schools have very few data points and LSN may not help you. Furthermore, your GPA/LSAT might place you right on a cutoff between admits & waitlists, so you'd do well to look for others in your range, but be sure to ask for input from people who don't have LSN profiles to avoid double-counting data points.
3?)Any other reasons are welcome and will be added.

So, please stop spamming "What do I need to get into a T-14?" etc. when you can go look. And, please repay future students by creating an LSN profile. If everyone did it, it would be the absolutely perfect method of "calculating" what your chances are.

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