Will T2 Undergrad Hurt Chances?

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Re: Will T2 Undergrad Hurt Chances?

Postby GeePee » Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:19 pm

pkp241 wrote:Hi guys:

I'm a junior applying in the fall, and I've lurked on these boards for some time now. I'm sending apps to most of the T14 schools, and my ultimate goal is Harvard, Columbia, or UChicago. My numbers are in line (3.95 GPA, 175 LSAT), and I've got relatively good softs and good faculty recs. I know this is usually sufficient to be admitted to most T14's, but due to some family problems I stayed fairly close to home for undergrad, a lower T2 public. I've loved my time here, but I worry that a middle-of-the-road undergrad could work against me in the admissions process. Do law schools take this into account? I've never seen it addressed directly.

To be succinct, then, will a degree from a lower T2 institution hurt my chances at T14 law schools?

FWIW I have almost exactly the same numbers and I'll be attending HLS in the Fall. I came from a lower-ranked undergrad than ~T50. If you've done anything with your college life then I'm pretty sure you'll have an equally good chance of getting in.

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