Older student w/ low Lsac GPA(2.4) UGPA (3.05) LSAT 161

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Older student w/ low Lsac GPA(2.4) UGPA (3.05) LSAT 161

Postby LatelawNJ » Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:28 am

I am a 37 yr old white telcom engineer, looking to go to a part-time night law school in NJ. Seton Hall, Rutgers-Newark, maybe New York Law School.

I failed badly my freshman yr back in 1991, but have since graduated in '05 with a 3.05 GPA. How much will schools look at my work experience and graduating GPA, and look past the LSAC GPA of 2.4?

I know these are not Top Law Schools, but hopefully someone has some advice.



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Re: Older student w/ low Lsac GPA(2.4) UGPA (3.05) LSAT 161

Postby qbid250ks » Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:48 am

Apply as early as possible, and when you apply to RU newark, be sure to check off the option on your application to place the primary emphasis not on your lsac gpa and lsat score, but on other factors, then highlight your diversity in your softs


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Re: Older student w/ low Lsac GPA(2.4) UGPA (3.05) LSAT 161

Postby mhernton » Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:57 am

Hey, you're actually in pretty good shape. TLS is a place where those seeking Golden Triad HYS, often come to commiserate. I'm 33 y/o URM, with 16 years of work experience mostly military. I put together a professional resume, cover letter and wrote outstanding essays. I also have the military as a soft. My LSAT score was 155, and UGPA was 2.2. I also had a rough freshman year, well and sophomore, junior and senior year. I got into a top 30 school. Don't get me wrong my softs were a huge factor, especially military, and URM. But its hard to look past a 2.2. The fact is the each law school admissions committee has a mix of weighted averages for their admission criteria, LSAT and UGPA usually comprise over 60% of that weighted average. The further away from undergrad, the lower that part of the formula. Assuming you did the normal thing and graduated from college around 22 or so, means that the GPA part of your mix is almost weighted at zero, Almost. We also don't compete with the kids coming out of school. We are non-traditional candidates. So my advice to you is apply early in the cycle. Your LSAT is actually respectable, 160 is the magic threshold for non-URM candidates. Your also going to want to make sure your application is bullet-proof. Look at this as applying for a job you really want. Your letters of rec can come from anyone who has supervised you, and have clear and well thought out answers for why your want to go to Law school and be able to convey them. Good Luck

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