Puerto Rican Male / 3.6 gpa current

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Puerto Rican Male / 3.6 gpa current

Postby Mr. Pinstripe » Tue Feb 23, 2010 3:20 pm

Hey everyone. Long time lurker on the site, but never posted anything. I was curious about how big of a factor does being a Puerto Rican play in acceptance into the T14. Obviously, I am one. Currently, I have a 3.6 gpa at a top 10 public university (this should go up a bit by the time I graduate), and am involved in a couple of internships as well as volunteering a lot. I also work about 10-15 hours a week as a manager at a dealership. My letters of rec. are solid, and my personal statement is decent to average. I am at the moment most interested in Georgetown, and am curious about what LSAT score I would need to have a really good shot at acceptance (although any info about the other T14 would be appreciated too). I am obviously going to try my hardest (Last practice test, I got a 158...not great, I know), but am looking for the ground floor of LSAT scores I suppose. I do not see much info for Puerto Ricans. I see a lot for African Americans, but correct me if I am wrong, they are, as one user put it, "The holy grail of URMS". So, that information is mostly unhelpful to me, correct? Thanks for any info everyone.


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Re: Puerto Rican Male / 3.6 gpa current

Postby Jacktone » Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:43 pm

In regards to AA being "The holy grail of URMs", I'm not sure if there is really a consensus on that. I've read it as well. However, I'm NA and I've also read that NA is "the most underrepresented of the URMs". I don't know much about how much of a bump Puerto Ricans receive, but it's always seemed to me like Puerto Rican's should receive a very large one considering the fact that the average score of self-reported Puerto Ricans on the LSAT is around a 138, the lowest of any ethnic group.

You can find the LSAT data broken down by ethnicity as compiled by the LSAC here: --LinkRemoved--

If you stick that info into a normal distribution calculator (http://davidmlane.com/hyperstat/z_table.html) it would seem that a 158 LSAT is about the 97.8 percentile amongst self-reported puerto rican test takers from 2007-08. However, I feel dubious about the validity of this figure because the calculator also determines that only 1 self-reported Puerto Rican in the entire nation scored 170+ within that time frame. In addition to how extreme that figure is, I am also dubious because based on the calculator only 7 Native Americans score 170+ each year, but counting myself I feel like I've already come across half that number of Native Americans with self-reported 170+ scores on this forum this year, which could mean that most high scoring NAs come here for advice or perhaps that a lot of URMs aren't self-reporting. If the numbers are accurate it makes me sad to see how poorly our fellow URMs are performing on the LSAT, but on the bright side if law schools compare us only against other members of our respective ethnic groups (and I'm not sure that they do, but if) then we should both be very competitive applicants. After all, if no one but self-reported Puerto Ricans took the LSAT then your percentile would translate into a score of 170.

Of course, there's more to law school admissions than one's LSAT score. I also wouldn't be surprised if law schools chose not to provide a large URM boost to Puerto Ricans precisely because the especially low LSAT scores of Puerto Ricans could have too much of a negative impact on the schools' overall LSAT score range.

I suppose none of this really provides much of a definitive answer on your chances at Georgetown, but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.

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