Military service as a soft?

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Re: Military service as a soft?

Postby amputatedbrain » Fri Feb 19, 2010 5:08 am

Rawlsian wrote:
amputatedbrain wrote:
big_blue79 wrote:
amputatedbrain wrote:Air Force is barely the military . . . thanks for loading my shit on a pallet on my way into Iraq (-:

Don't hate 'cause your ASVABs didn't allow you into the country club of the military. The world needs ditch diggers :wink:

Edit: I know you ground-pounders love our UAV feeds.

You're not kidding about the country club thing. I went to an Air Force base and they had landscapers hired to do all the manual labor . . . that's all privates do on every other base . . . also my barracks was about 100 feet away from an open sewage lake.

The UAV's are alright, but half the time the guys they spotted "planting IED's" were really taking a shit on the side of the road

+1 Occasionally we'd get to head back to a large base which housed the AF during their 3 month deployments (really?) and those chow halls were ridiculous--the food made to order.

edit: all of this is made in good humor. We're all brothers and sisters.

For sure . . . shit-talking was my secondary MOS

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