Chances at Bama & UMinn

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Chances at Bama & UMinn

Postby atfarmer » Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:35 am

Hey guys, I was wondering what you all think about my chances of admission at Alabama & Minnesota, the two highest ranked schools to which I applied.

I've got a 3.5 undergrad from a big, tier 1 state school (Texas A&M). I majored in biology (I thought I wanted to be a doctor for awhile) & minored in Spanish. I took the LSAT twice. The first time around, I got a 158. On my second try I prepared more and got a 165.

I'm not a minority.

I feel like my softs are pretty good and, at the very least, are fairly unique. I'm truly bilingual (as opposed to people who can just get by), have good extracurriculars, & a fair bit of demonstrated leadership experience. I wrote for the school paper for a year and played for the school rugby team before I messed up my knee in practice.

Currently, I'm finishing up a master's program in international relations & national security affairs. On that note, I wrote my personal statement about my desire to do public service government work in counterterrorism, and I feel that it's quite well written.

What do you all think? I'm a point or two below Minni's usual median LSAT score (which would be huge at most schools), but they make a big deal about considering softs and the personal statement, which is why their 25/50/75 is 160/167/168. Do I have a shot?

I feel pretty good about Alabama, but LSAC's website only gave me a 60-70% shot (and yes statistics dweebs, I know that band actually means that there's a 95% chance that the actual probability lies in that range, but this way is simpler ;) ), which seemed low when I looked at their LSAT & GPA 25/75.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Chances at Bama & UMinn

Postby deadpanic » Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:54 am

Not sure on UMN, but I'd say you are in at Bama.

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