2.87/163 -- Will I get in??

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2.87/163 -- Will I get in??

Postby gretchygretch84 » Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:48 am

I've taken the LSAT 3 times, gotten 163, 161, 153 (the 153 is embarrassing, hence the retakes, & the 163 is the most recent). I have a 2.87, with a significant downward trend senior year that I've addressed in an addendum. Graduated in '06, substantial involvement while on campus, good work experience & recs, and study abroad.

This is where I've applied/am considering applying:

-UConn (in-state, applied to both divisions)
-Chicago - Kent
-University of Pittsburgh
-U Miami
-Seton Hall
-Penn State
-Santa Clara
-San Diego
-Western New England
-Loyola LA

It's quite the list, I know, but I figured that since I'm a slight-splitter, I should cast a wide net... so where do you think I'll get in TLS? Did I reach high enough? Anywhere else I should apply? I just want to get into a good school and come out with as little debt as possible, but I'm open to most anywhere (I don't think I'd like rural areas, but the 'burbs and cities are fine.)

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