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Postby byrne27 » Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:22 pm

I have a 3.18 GPA and 159 LSAT and will be retaking the LSAT in February with hopes of improving by a few points to around 162-164ish. I have a few fee waivers to some pretty good schools because I requested them and was lucky enough to receive a few. I intend to apply to the likes of Indiana and BU only because they cost me only $12 each but I have little belief I will get in.

I know that I probably want to practice in Boston because I don't really want to apply to some of the top 100 schools that I might have a chance to get into because they only have regional appeal and I realistically don't want to practice in Utah or South Carolina or Kentucky. I live in right outside Boston so I wouldn't have to pay for housing so it cuts down on costs. Here are a few of my choices to apply to and would like any help.

Suffolk Evening (Would I get any scholarship money also?)
New England Evening
Connecticut (I attend UConn undergrad and have a strong trend upward in my GPA with a 3.6 GPA since the beginning of my junior year, I also have a fee waiver)
Villanova (also have a fee waiver so I figure why not?)

I am going to send my application out in the next week (I know its getting late but since I don't have big hopes of T14 it probably won't hurt much) and would like some input on my chances.

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