GPA 3.52/4.0, LSAT 142 Please help me!

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GPA 3.52/4.0, LSAT 142 Please help me!

Postby 87jujubee » Fri Jan 01, 2010 12:05 pm

Hi, I am 22, female, South Korean. GPA is 3.52, LSAT is 142.
Well, I know my gps is not bad, but my lsat score is horrible, but I hope I can make it up with experiences.

I graduated with a double major (US nad International law/Private law) from university in Korea (on May, 2009)

A brief summury of experiences and extra activities(I did all during the tenure in college - 4years):

1. Study abroad - Exchange student at a university in US for one year (Pre law major - 3.87/4.0)

2. Scholarships or honors - received 4 scholarships, 1 fellowship, 1 award(a writing competition), placed on Dean's List once

3. experiences - Internship : Korean Embassy in US, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade(6months) / Immigration law firm(one month)
Part time: Research Assistant at International law school in Korea(one year) /Legal Department, a trading company in Korea (2 years)

4. Extra activities - volunteer: Member of YWCA, YMCA, National Commission for Youth Protection
Leadership : Treasury, Law school students association/ Director, The General Affiars of Student Association / Director, Fundraising Reception for North Korean Children


I don't think I can retake the LSAT, so... I should give a shot in this year!

I hope to get into school in Midwest
John Marshall, Chicago
Ohio State University, OH
University of Dayton
Michigan State University
University of Washington at St. Louis, MO
University of Illinois at Champaign...........

My score is not enough to get admitted in any schools above, but I would hear your advices what or how I can do to make one of them. Any law schools where diversity is desperately needed or.... any schools that can be impressed with my experiences?? I found many people wrtie addendum for low LSAT, but I could not think of any good excuses in my case!
Any Idea for addendum?

Thank you!!
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Re: GPA 3.52/4.0, LSAT 142, URM Please help me!

Postby excelsiorcaelo » Fri Jan 01, 2010 12:06 pm

Just retake the LSAT.

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Re: GPA 3.52/4.0, LSAT 142, URM Please help me!

Postby jawsthegreat » Fri Jan 01, 2010 12:08 pm

Your not a URM.

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Re: GPA 3.52/4.0, LSAT 142, URM Please help me!

Postby Tanicius » Fri Jan 01, 2010 12:10 pm

Well, this is going to be real depressing to hear, but if I'm correct neither your GPA nor any URM status will count. LSAC typically does not count GPA's from foreign schools. In addition, URM status only applies to American citizens (ex. African Americans but not Africans). Finally, if you are Korean then you wouldn't be defined as a URM in the first place. I'm sorry if this is all correct. My only advice would be retake the LSAT with more preparation. I understand that it's probably a much more difficult test for a non-Native English speaker, but in this case you don't really have a choice.

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Re: GPA 3.52/4.0, LSAT 142, URM Please help me!

Postby Rand M. » Fri Jan 01, 2010 12:11 pm

jawsthegreat wrote:Your not a URM.

excelsiorcaelo wrote:Just retake the LSAT.

And +1, you really need to bump it up significantly from 142

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