Visiting on weekends/during spring break

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Visiting on weekends/during spring break

Postby vikingrunner » Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:35 pm

I am employed full time and will not have much opportunity to make visits. I have the week of March 12th-16th off, but unfortunately it appears several schools are on break during this week...I was planning a trip that week to California (UCLA/USC/San Diego), then the Midwest (Northwestern/Iowa/Minnesota/Wisconsin), and am already signed up for Wisconsin's ASW on the 16th-17th. Other than March 23rd (probably saved for Michigan/Duke/Penn's ASW if I get into one of those), that is pretty much all the time off I will get before April (and I will have to work several weekends), and by then deposits are due and I should have my mind made up. Before anyone says "get a new job"...I'm working on it.

What (if any) is the protocol for setting up a visit during a weekend or spring break? Am I SOL and will be stuck wandering around the campus by myself?

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