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Re: Sneaking into law buildings

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:47 am
by KissMyAxe
jrc223 wrote:
KissMyAxe wrote:
js1663 wrote:
jrc223 wrote:
eriedoctrine wrote:DO NOT try this at Yale.
Whatever you do.


What are you guys talking about? I had no issues both getting into Yale Law (or any other buildings) without a badge during and after business hours.

Agreed. Maybe these guys just look like Axe-murderers or something, or maybe came to tour at midnight. I have gone into YLS, and know quite a few others who have as well, without stopping by the admissions office like four times. They do have a few security guards, but they were all nice and I've even chatted with them and got directions to different places. That said I'd definitely recommend stopping by the admissions office, they're all incredibly nice people who will take time off to talk to you about pretty much anything.

Well, my comment was mostly directed at after-hours, unauthorized sightseeing. But I've also known the security guards to be really unpleasant during operating hours, too. However, this was my experience as an undergrad there, not as a prospective law student; same goes for middlebear. Who knows, maybe they are instructed to be more friendly to 0Ls and to direct their rage at undergrads.

(In my defense, I don't think I look like an Axe murderer.)

That could be possible. I know nothing about the undergrad situation there. It just surprised me because they seemed extremely friendly to me. Of course, they're human, and everyone can have a bad day and take it out on people. However, if someone were worried about sneaking in, I'd go through the door that leads to the admissions office, and then take a right and go out into the courtyard. The security desk is at the main door about 200 feet to the right, so you'd never need to go through it. And when in doubt, look like you belong (excellent rule for avoiding trouble in New Haven as a whole too)

Re: Sneaking into law buildings

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:57 am
by jrass
If you figure out the sewage system you'll be able to walk right in, but if you don't want to bring a change of clothes, the chimney is another option. The chimney option tends to work best in mid-December assuming you're overweight and have/can grow a long white beard.

EDIT - If you're interested in any niche group in the law school - veterans, animal rights, republicans, mormons, you could reach out to them and they'd probably have somebody show you around.