SIU ASW March 28

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SIU ASW March 28

Postby mattviphky » Mon Mar 28, 2011 10:05 pm

I went to the SIU ASW, which was reserved for students that have been admitted with scholarships. I was definitely not looking forward to going, I had already made up my mind to not go there and just retake. I'm still leaning that way, but SIU blew away all of my expectations. The building was definitely not "beautiful", but not ugly either. Decent enough on the outside, but fairly spacious and nice on the inside. The professors seemed knowledgable, and the students really did seem to enjoy the school. The ones we talked to referred to their own cycles, where two of them chose SIU over much higher ranked schools like Kent and UIUC due to the low costs. The school definitely is cheap, and they let students retake the LSAT in June for a higher score and more money. Since it is a state school, they are a tad more liberal with their money, and they have already made guarantees of the money awarded to each score. So pretty much if I raise my gpa by 5 points I'm looking at a full ride and COA at about 40,000. These are all good things. But some bad things might be their situation with OCI. I asked about the number of firms that come for OCI, and the person fielding questions sort of circumvented the question by saying that it is more about networking than OCI. I do believe this, but I also believe that networking is a tad more easy when firms come to your school. I would much rather go to UIUC where so many firms come to OCI, the networking I would be handling myself at either institution. Other than that, the school seemed really nice and I wouldn't mind going their. But given my Biglaw aspirations, I'm trying to shoot for Wash U, NU, ND, and UIUC this next cycle. Any questions about SIU just post them here and I'll tell you what I know

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