My Take on Law Preview

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My Take on Law Preview

Postby livewire » Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:31 am

Just got done my week of Law Preview so I thought I'd throw out my opinion on its worthiness.

Before I do that, let me make that this is a completely unsolicited review. I won't be making any money or derive any benefit from the things I say about the class.

To start, let me talk about the class itself. It started bright and early on Monday morning with a welcome from our two proctors. Throughout the week, the class was very regimented and structured: each day at 745am, the class would convene and end around 5pm with breaks throughout the day. Being pleasantly surprised, I noticed how no one took the class for granted and everybody was disciplined through the week.

Next, the part that made me feel the course to be worthwhile were the administrators/professors. We had a primary proctor, a Yale Law and Harvard PHD student, who managed the administrative side of the class along with being the go-to source for general topics such as how to manage your time in law school, outline, etc. Her side-kick was a Temple Law student who was an enthusiastic guy that was willing to help students in many ways. Both of them were very smart, helpful, professional people that seemed to truly believe in having the students make the most of their week.

The professors were the "moneymakers". Not one professor out of the 6 that we had throughout the week was anything less that 100% qualified. One of the professors was Allan Stein, the author of the Civ Pro book you will/had used as a 1L. Another professor was a Federal Attorney (or something?) you prosecuted criminals at the Federal level. We also had a Fordham Law professor, who also happened to be an actor (Law and Order and Analyze this and that were his top showings) that was enormously helpful with Legal Writing and Research. My point is that if Law Preview sets itself apart in anyway from your run-of-the-mill LSAT prep course, its through the quality of its instructors. To say these professors were competent is an understatement. This individuals are at the top of their legal game and that is something that makes the entire experience that much more effective and worthwhile.

Also, my fellow classmates were sharp and determined students. There were no (or very few) clowns that lacked focus. Out of the class of approx. 40, each and every student cared about what was being said and refrained from making noise or causing any other type of distraction.

The material that was taught was likewise helpful (as far as I can tell thus far). If it does not substantially help once I start law school, the material has certainly helped me reduce my anxieties and prepare me for what lies ahead. I feel that what lies ahead is no longer an untameable (dont know if thats a word) monster. LP has allowed me to level the playing field at the least.

If there was a downside to the entire experience, it would be that it felt rushed. The professors being as qualified as they are, had to rush each day to get to the topics they wanted to get to. I would not have minded if the classes were stretched out a little bit more so that we could slow down and be closer to the pace of an actual law school class.

All in all, deciding whether or not its worth it is boiled down to the money issue. If you feel the $1200 or so would substantially affect you, then I would not think you're missing anything too important. On the flip side, if you are deciding between using the money for LP or to play your favorite numbers in the state lotto, I would lean heavily towards taking the class. It certainly has given me a boost of confidence by getting my feet wet. I have already started thinking about a lot of the legal concepts and that will help me absorb the material more effectively.


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Re: My Take on Law Preview

Postby choochoo » Sun Aug 08, 2010 3:50 pm

I took the course at a different location in July, and I completely agree. It was nice to have an overview of the subjects so it will make more sense once we learn them in depth. I also feel prepared for the first semester-- it's nice to have a plan for budgeting reading/studying/social time, and I also like that I have learned how to brief cases, outline, and study for exams.

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