University of Maryland visit

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University of Maryland visit

Postby Turquoise » Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:10 pm

I just wanted to write that I visited the University of Maryland this past Tuesday. There's little talk about this school on the forum, so I thought I could contribute something.

The school is practically right off I-95, as is Baltimore. While Baltimore is kind of scary and poverish at first, when you get into the UMD section, it is really nice. I felt very safe in the UMD section. I first visited the graduate student housing at Fayette Square which was very secure (gates and everything). I looked at two of the rooms, a stuido and a triple, and they were very nice, spacious, and well-maintained. There is a study lounge on every other floor, a washer and dryer on every other floor, and a small gym. The dorm is right next to the law school.

I then walked over to the campus center which is about a 10 minute walk away. It's brand new, with a cafe and a restaurant, and a nicely equipped fitness center (TVs on every elliptical and treadmill!). I was very impressed.

The school is probably a 20minute walk from the inner harbor which, again, is really awesome. We had great Spanish food, there's a lot of shopping (Urban Outfitters, Whole Foods, etc.) and a bunch of restaurants. The student who led me around the dorm said there's a SuperFresh grocery store nearby and a Target within a 10minute drive.

I really like the programs at UMD (health care law) and my only worry about the school was Baltimore. Now that I've visited the area, I feel very secure in my choice to attend UMD next year. It is the best campus I've seen (visited UVA, Villanova, Washington & Lee, Temple, Drexel, American, RU-Newark, RU-Camden). I also like that it's separate from the undergraduate school (in College Park). I plan on touring the actual law school at the admitted student's day the 27th.

Hope this helps you make a decision!

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