Spring break law school roadtrip

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Sean Bateman

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Spring break law school roadtrip

Postby Sean Bateman » Thu Feb 18, 2010 2:33 pm

Hey all! So my spring break is the week of March 7th.

I'm in central florida (orlando), and have already made reservations for a car rental beginning on the 5th and ending sunday the 14th. I'm going to drive around the country (specifically the south and northeast) visiting a different law school each day. my neighbor was initially supposed to come along to split the cost of car rental (about 300), gas (maybe 60 a day?)/ hotel (approx another 50/night) but due to financial reasons he fell through. I still want to take this trip but the cost are a bit much for one person to take on.

Maybe its a long shot, but if anybody else on TLS has that week off and is looking to do a similar type of thing, it could help both (or 3...or 4...) of us. Like I said I'm leaving from Florida but I can even pick somebody up in a different state. I don't know exactly what schools I will be visiting. We'll make an official itinerary the week before. As of now I have been accepted to

UK (Lexington, KY)
FSU (Visiting next weekend so we can skip over this one)
Northeastern (Boston, MA)
Drexel (again, they are paying for me to fly out there...so we can skip philly)
UT-K (Knoxville, TN)

Still waiting to hear back from about 9 schools. If accepted i'd especially like to visit Tulane, Wake Forest, possibly IU-B, Ole Miss, UF and others.

If you have been accepted to schools that are somewhere close to these regions, and are looking for a cheap way to visit, lets do this. I'm 23, about to finish undergrad, and pretty normal relatively speaking. If you are seriously interested we can talk on facebook or something first as to not be complete strangers.

Like I said, this whole post is kind of a long shot, but if even one person bites..it could be a great success. hope to hear back from some of you.


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Re: Spring break law school roadtrip

Postby agentcom » Thu Feb 18, 2010 5:01 pm

No thanks. <-- didn't want to get your hopes up.

I just wanted to say that this is an awesome idea. A friend of mine and I did it in CA when we were looking for law schools. Great experience and very informative, especially if you visit schools across the spectrum from T1 down. We both did bkz we hadn't got our LSAT grades back yet. Best of luck finding a partner.

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