Duke ASO March 26th

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Re: Duke ASO March 26th

Postby soullesswonder » Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:51 pm

thickfreakness wrote:
Jericwithers wrote:
dms87 wrote:Thanks to soullesswonder for alerting me about this thread's existence.

I had a really great time. I would echo most of the previous sentiments: the law school is beautiful, the area is much nicer than most would think, the faculty seems very impressive, and the open house itself got me really excited.

Oh, and the basketball team is on the verge of a national championship.

My fiancee and I LOVE the area. While this is most certainly jumping the gun, we could foresee ourselves staying here after we finish up our degrees. Another surprising thing was the mildness of the cold weather, as weird as that sounds. When I was visiting Penn, it was 40 degrees and freezing. At Duke, it was 40 degrees and mild (which works for me since I'm used to South Florida weather).

Staying there after graduating doesn't seem so bad. The industry in the area interests me, so thats a big plus.

I think Raleigh has a decent legal market, but I think that's it for the triangle. Charlotte got demolished with all the ITE stuff, though.

I'm hoping Charlotte will recover. BoA is still going strong and from what I hear Wells Fargo has continued to use the same firms as Wachovia did. Moore and Van Allen took it on the chin, but that's what they get for doubling down on banking work and trying to pay 145k like the big boys.

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