Whittier Law School Option

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Re: Whittier Law School Option

Postby SwollenMonkey » Fri May 07, 2010 9:04 pm

waverider wrote:I know that the California bar exam is more difficult than others. But I would not go to a school where only 55% of the students pass the bar exam on the first shot.

This makes the degree almost worthless for 45% of the students there.

Then if you take into considereation that more than 30% of students do not graduate your odds of practicing law right out of Whittier is at 39%. I would reconsider Whittier. At least at southwestern your odds would be above 60%.

So is Whittier Law a difficult school to excel in? Aside from it not being a top school, what about it makes it harder than Southwestern? Is it the grading?

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