South Texas (STCL) Open House 1/23/10

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South Texas (STCL) Open House 1/23/10

Postby batch » Wed Jan 27, 2010 5:02 pm

Anyone else attend the STCL open house last weekend?

Significantly more impressive than the University of Houston open house I attended last fall. STCL had many faculty in attendance, plenty of current students and faculty available to chat, and very professional reception afterward. I told my wife that STCL "felt" more like a law school should feel (whatever that is). I was left with the impression that the faculty go out of their way to turn students into lawyers.

Biased by USNWR rank and all that it implies, I had all but decided to forget about STCL and go back to improve my LSAT in hopes of making the cut for UH 2011. Now, I have to rethink whether in my particular case (not shooting for Big Law - engineer interested in Houston area IP), it might be wiser to just start school - assuming I make the cut at STCL. Spend my time prepping for 1st semester and do all I can to make it to at least the A- range at graduation.

For my situation and goals, I'm really torn on this one. I hate the idea of burning a yr. I am also risk averse and worried that I might not make the A- or better range at STCL which might be catastrophic for my career as a lawyer and render the 4+ yr investment not so fruitful.

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