How to Withdraw?

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Re: How to Withdraw?

Postby Rory19 » Tue Apr 02, 2013 6:48 pm

Another option to withdraw is to look in your acceptance packet--I found that for two of the schools I withdrew from the tuition deposit form had a "I will be attending ____ school instead" box which made it very easy to just mail in.

For other schools I wrote an e-mail to the admissions office
"Dear ____,

Thank you for the honor of being selected as a member of your class of 2016.Unfortunately, I have chosen to attend another institution. I appreciate your careful time and consideration of my application materials.

Best Regards,


On another note, I think it's pretty slimy to use an award you turned down as a bargaining chip for the reasons that posters above cited. As we enter into a profession where we have to pass a character and fitness evaluation I would not want to start out with misrepresenting myself and my options.

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Re: How to Withdraw?

Postby mewalke1 » Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:51 am

cwid1391 wrote:
Rlabo wrote:Wait, can you not use an offer you've withdrawn from as negotiation material? I mean certainly I understand that they are no longer active offers, but the schools that your negotiating with don't (shouldn't) know that, and I'm just scanning over an original document. Any knowledge on this would be appreciated.

I think that would be pretty duplicitous. That offer is no longer on the table, therefore telling another school that they need to compete with it seems... sketchy.

I havent withdrawn from schools just so I can use there scholarship money to negotiate with.

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