Negotiating! Help!

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Negotiating! Help!

Postby tds17 » Sun Apr 08, 2012 12:19 pm

I have received word back from just about everyone and think I am in a decent position to see if I can negotiate a little further, worth a shot right?

this is what I have received:
Hofstra (full ride)
St Johns (full ride)
BK (27 plus 6 in need based grants)
Tulane (25)
Cardozo (30 with no need based)

I am undecided as of now, but I would like Cardozo and Brooklyn to review my financial package again. Either one increasing their offer would make a world of difference. Do you think I have a shot given my situation? Also, as Cardozo has received my FAFSA, and I did not receive a need based grant, does that mean I am out of contention for a need based grant? Is there something more I need to do? My financial situation is really shitty (only person working in my family), so I feel like I should get at least some need based grant.

I was also WL'd at Fordham and am thinking of taking the June LSAT (165 in December, was averaging 167 in prep) as just a low-risk option of maybe getting off the WL. Do I mention this in the email while I am negotiating? There is no way a lower June LSAT score could mess up my schollies that have already been offered, right?

Anyone have any general tips on negotiating? Is it better to say a specific number? A general layout to follow?

Also, when I am writing my negotiation email, do I list all offers?

Thanks to any and all who have time to give advice.

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