Advice (no snarky remarks, please.)

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Re: Advice (no snarky remarks, please.)

Postby STLMizzou » Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:58 pm

dietcoke0 wrote:The test can be learned. I started in the 50 percentile and made it to the 97 percentile. Even a 160, about the 75 percentile, opens up to some better chances. Maybe you still upset about the KU loss on Saturday :)

Probz :(

I agree the test can be learned to some extent. I think my first diagnostic I got a low 150-high140, and then got a 171 on the day of the test. Still, there is a ceiling for some people. I am generally a good standardized test taker, many people are not. I just think the prevailing attitude on TLS that anybody with a high GPA can get a 170+, and the only thing holding them back is enough/proper studying is arrogant and annoying.

OP, best of luck. I would do terrible things for that GPA. Keep browsing the LSAT prep section, there is some solid advice in there.

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Re: Advice (no snarky remarks, please.)

Postby travman90 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:17 pm

like everyone else I would say retake, but just be extremely cautious and you must write an addendum to your application about the LSAT. Schools generally look down on multiple tests, let alone three tests, so if you cannot do substantially better (high 160s-170s) it can really hurt to show repeteatly bad scores. It sends a red flag to schools that you cannot compete even when given time and multiple opportunities. So seriously get whatever help you need to push your score up there. Plus then do whatever you can to write off your "bad" (I suppose its relative, so "bad" isn't always bad) scores. It makes a huge difference.
I work in a law office in DC and a lot of the lawyers here get called into Georgetown to help with applciations (many of them being alumni) and so I've spoken to them about this subject as someone who took the test twice. If you leave it open about where the improvement came from (as in don't send an addendum) they can't help but question your qualifications. Did this person score consistently in the lower 150s and suddenly jump? Perhaps they cheated somehow. Thoughts like that will go through their heads and you have to be careful to counter that.


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Re: Advice (no snarky remarks, please.)

Postby 03121202698008 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:19 pm

arae13 wrote:My sincerest thanks to all of you who have contributed and have given me solid advice rather than beating me down about my test score.

I think you'll all helped me make the decision I've been wanting to make but just haven't been able to do.

Retake. If you're smart enough to hit 150, you can hit 160+ with proper prep. You've just got something fundamentally wrong that you need to work through.

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