Peace Corps and chances

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Peace Corps and chances

Postby Airallie » Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:29 pm

Just some advice for fellow RPCV'S apply early even if your in country.
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Re: Peace Corps and chances

Postby llachans » Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:42 pm

Honestly, this is really late in the cycle, especially considering your numbers. Peace Corps is a good soft, but not a good enough soft to equal out your LSAT. I would really advise that you take the LSAT again (but I expect you'll get this a lot so I'll move on.)

Schools that I'm familiar with:

American - Out
Berkeley - out
Davis - out
UCLA - out
Northwestern - out
USD - out
Stanford - out
John Marshall - maaaaybe?
U Oregon - out
L&C - out
G-town - out
Seattle - maybe? still seems like a reach
Southwestern - maybe
Thomas Jefferson - no offense, but do not go here.

How much research have you done on law schools? If you've only taken the LSAT once, please retake. Your gpa isn't strong so you WILL need a strong LSAT to balance that out. Shoot for a MINIMUM of 160 and even then you'll be lucky at getting into a top-100 school. Get a 165 and you'll get into a school with money. No offense, but a lot of these schools are absolutely ridiculous (Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA?). Both of my numbers are way higher than yours and they would still be reaches for me. Know that CA schools value a high gpa, something you just don't have.

Out of the maybes above (Southwestern and JMLS), please really evaluate these schools. Southwestern, from what I hear, is alright if you're interested in criminal law for low pay. Other than that, I'd suggest not going there. JMLS is a terrible school. If you don't have ties to Chicago, please do not go there. Even if you do, only go if you have full-ride (and even then it's not worth it). Chicago is a very saturated market and you most likely won't have a job after graduating.

In sum, re-take and good luck.

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Re: Peace Corps and chances

Postby AntipodeanPhil » Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:48 pm

The post above says everything that needs to be said. You are applying very late in the cycle with a bad LSAT score. You should study as hard as you can for the next few months, improve your LSAT score, and apply early next cycle.

Also, as a warning: I believe there have been discussions here about learning disabilities in the past, and the conclusion was that mentioning a learning disability on your application is as likely to hurt your chances as help. Law schools want people who are going to succeed, as students and professionals - a learning disability might make them anxious. You should at least be very careful about how you mention your disability, to make it clear that it won't affect your performance at law school.
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Re: Peace Corps and chances

Postby spleenworship » Tue May 22, 2012 4:49 am

I am afraid a lot of these are likely out-

1. American- maybe, but probably no
2. Berkeley - no
3. Davis- maybe, but probably no
4. UCI- don't know
5.UCLA- don't know
6. Loyola Los Angeles- maybe, but probably no
7. Northwestern- not with that LSAT score. 165+ realistically needed (minimum)
8. USD- don't know
9.USF- don't know
10. Santa Clara- don't know
11.Stanford- no
12. John Marshall (Chicago)- don't know
13.Willamette- don't know
14.University of Oregon- don't know
15. Lewis and Clark- Maybe
16. Georgetown - no
17. Hasting (MAYBE THROUGH LAOP)- don't know
18. Seattle - maybe
19.Golden Gate- probably
20. Southwestern- don't know
21. Thomas Jefferson- absolutely yes.... however you would be out of your mind for going there... their bar passage rate last year was 33% and they are being sued by former students for being giant liars.

Look, you really need to consider re-taking in June and applying next cycle. Sorry, but if you want to be a lawyer and not consider suicide from your unemployment combined with debt load... retake and wait. If, gawd forbid, you don't retake, at least apply very early to maximize your chances.

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