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Re: Creighton 2012

Postby ineptimusprime » Wed May 09, 2012 1:11 pm

ryanw5520 wrote:Creighton 2L here,

Although the ranking isn't the best, nothing matters after 75th except the local market and regional prestige. For OCI we had about 28 students competing for 16 positions with large firms (paying 1200-1500 a week, which is extravagant for the cost of living here, about 14 of those were giving to Creighton students. Unfortunately I didn't get one but I did get a paying public interest gig so
I won't complain. If your interested I suggest you get a feel for Omaha, which is an awesome city with a good culture, to each his own though. The majority of students plan on leaving to work in their home regions which leaves the job market readily available for those wiling to commit to the location. Disclaimer: I'm from Omaha and have friends from both CU Law and NU Law and the Nebraska kids get the shaft (it doesn't make sense to me either), a lot of them tend to go work out west in little prairie towns where there is an exceptionally high demand as long as you can tolerate close minded über right wingers. Look through Martindale Hubble listings of Omaha firms and pick out the largest ones, then go to the firms websites and look through the attorney profiles and look at how many come from Creighton, it's absurd. I could go into more detail but I'm doing this on an iPhone and it's getting old, apologies for the typos.

I can actually confirm this. I visited Nebraska, and in talking to a couple 2L and 3L UNL students, they all felt CU had a leg up on them for employment. This was one reason I decided on KU over UNL. Creighton is as good as Harvard in Omaha.

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