Rutgers-Camden Class of 2015 (2011-2012 cycle)

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Re: Rutgers-Camden Class of 2015 (2011-2012 cycle)

Postby secretaryoftaste » Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:05 am

Full Disclosure: Transferring out of RU-C to BU this summer.

In my personal experience, the professors are incredible at Rutgers. Even the (seemingly) lazier ones went out of their way to be available for office hours and extra review sessions. My LAWR professor was also very helpful and devoted a significant amount of time to one on one sessions with each student. If Rutgers is giving you full tuition scholly and you want to work in NJ then it's probably a great option. I'm from New England and would much rather work up here, so transferring made the most sense to me. My only real complaint with the school is some anti-transfer BS (taking over two weeks to send out transcripts that they had the gall to charge me for because "the printer is broken"), which I guess is understandable to some degree...

BostonNJ wrote:
crossarmant wrote:
InGoodFaith wrote:Not sure why anyone is concerned about library size or even ranking when only 57% of the c/o 2011 found full time long term bar required employment.

Factor into that number that around 40% of the class are in local and state clerkships.

and it is pretty much established that clerkship lead to great jobs afterwards, they pay 50K for the year, they are nothing to overlook! Please stop hating, I really would like to know who you are, so that maybe we can have you meet with some professors that can explain to you the value of your education. Again if you don't like it why are you at Rutgers? Makes no sense to me?

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