Acceptance, Denial, Waitlist 2011-2012 FAQ

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Acceptance, Denial, Waitlist 2011-2012 FAQ

Postby EMZE » Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:49 am

Hoping to turn this eventually into a school specific thread on how schools notify applicants of the aforementioned as well as while their packet moves through the process. If this thread already exists, I couldn't find it, at least not with any recent activity. If you all would be so kind, and have some insight as to how these notifications occur, please post and I will consolidate. An example would look like this.

John Deer School of Law:
Email for packet received/status checker
Email for complete
Phone call for acceptance or e-mail for ding or snail mail for acceptace (make sense?)
any other correspondence you may receive (ASW, how scholarship info came, etc.)

(and any other brief comments/notes about how the application moved through would be helpful. For example, as some are finding out with UMich/Berkeley, that status checker doesn't always come quickly)

I hope for this to help out those who, like me, really wish they know what to expect in the way of correspondence.

Thanks, and if this thread already exists, I apologize.
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Re: Acceptance, Denial, Waitlist 2011-2012 FAQ

Postby PersuasiveCharm » Sat Nov 05, 2011 4:26 pm

Cool idea for a thread! (This was NOT said with typical TLS sarcasm by the way)

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