Northeastern c/o 2015 applicants

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Re: Northeastern c/o 2015 applicants

Postby mintchoco » Wed May 09, 2012 9:24 pm

classof2015 wrote:just got a call from admissions. got off the wait list! :)

who is attending for sure?

congrats!!! i'm still desperately waiting.... but i was offered a seat at American University part-time today and have 24hrs to respond... did they give you 24hrs also? seat deposit?


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Re: Northeastern c/o 2015 applicants

Postby classof2015 » Wed May 09, 2012 11:27 pm

Congratulations on American!!

I have to respond by Friday with a decision and $500. I strongly suggest you e-mail them with a LOCI if you haven't already done so. Good luck!!!!


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Re: Northeastern c/o 2015 applicants

Postby aad05001 » Thu May 10, 2012 6:14 am

Withdrew with $$$. Sucks cause I deposited 2 weeks ago, so that's $500 out the window. Hope one of you nice people gets my spot and the cash. Goodluck everyone.

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