In at UC Hastings -- Mother of 2 from Hawai`i

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In at UC Hastings -- Mother of 2 from Hawai`i

Postby daloha » Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:50 pm


I just got my acceptance letter on Monday from UC Hastings. I honestly didn't expect to get in... I'm hesitating mostly because of my situation. I'm a 25 yr. old mom of two young sons (3 and 5 years-old), and have lived in Hawai`i for nearly all of my life. I put myself through college despite unfavorably circumstances, and managed to get through my MPH program with my sons (graduating this May). I've never had any financial support from family, but have been fortunate to have a supportive partner.

I'm flat out scared of all the unknown variables. Relocating, the tremendous COST of attendance, health insurance, having to balance the insane life of a 1L with a family, finding the right districts for schooling, and anticipating the job market. I eventually want to come back to Hawai`i. This is my home. I've always wanted to be intellectually stimulated and challenged by my peers. I'm not saying that Hawai`i hasn't given me that. It has certainly allowed for embarking on my own creative ventures, but I haven't always had the support or the knowledge from peers/mentors in cultivating these innovative ideas.

I am dead-set on public interest law. I'm not 100% familiar with the ins and outs of how to effectively finance and repay these loans. I've heard of some options as far as loan forgiveness plans for those who go into public interest law. I'll definitely have to research this a little more... In the meantime, I would really appreciate members' insight. :-)

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Re: In at UC Hastings -- Mother of 2 from Hawai`i

Postby nematoad » Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:53 pm

Not speaking on the practical aspects of your decision, but this could be your last chance for an adventure. If you're craving intellectual stimulation, SF has loads to offer.


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Re: In at UC Hastings -- Mother of 2 from Hawai`i

Postby mala2 » Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:00 pm

Go. The cost of attendance is set based on a single person going to law school. If you have more expenses you can go to the financial aid office and they can set your coa higher and you can borrow more. I don't know the details of the new federal loan repayment program, but I think if you do public interest law after ten years of income based payments your loans are forgiven. Also look into whatever California has for kids health insurance, you won't have any income so you can probably get free insurance.

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Re: In at UC Hastings -- Mother of 2 from Hawai`i

Postby lucky277 » Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:03 pm

Do you want to move to a new state? Did you apply to any schools in Hawaii? Hastings' out-of-state tuition is brutal so I would weigh your desire to move to SF with both the cost of tuition and the costs of moving for you and your family to a new state. That said, I've heard that Hastings has a decent loan repayment program for public interest people.


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Re: In at UC Hastings -- Mother of 2 from Hawai`i

Postby sclatin2000 » Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:25 pm

I am also struggling with the decision to attend Hastings. I already have a substantial amount of loans from a previous graduate degree ($90k plus), and the thought of adding to that total is frankly terrifying. Like you, I am also interested in Public Interest law, and the only way I would do so would be as a result of both Hastings & Federal loan forgiveness programs.

This link here has provided me with some valuable information regarding this, so hopefully it can do the same for you:


Good Luck!

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