St. Mary's c/o 2015

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Re: St. Mary's c/o 2015

Postby dallaslawgurl » Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:18 pm

Funk8PigBacon wrote:
dallaslawgurl wrote:
Bluewavesix wrote:Is there an accepted students Facebook page? Also, is anyone signed up for the summer 1L skills day thing Aug 14/15?

I'd like to know about a FB page as well :)
I'm signed up for the 8/14 Summer Skills and 8/16 Orientation

As for housing in the area: I just moved down here 3 weeks ago, from Dallas. We moved to the Northside (1604 & Blanco Rd) We looked at housing closer to campus, but that area seemed kinda sketchy. We may move closer to campus after the first year.

I'm in section D, as well. Dumb question, we must wear a suit for orientation, correct!? I've searched the website and have reviewed the info recv'd from St. Mary's, but it doesn't discuss the attire. I guess I'll wear one anyway. I'd rather be overdressed...

I asked that question directly, and I was informed that the orientation is dress casual (but not shorts, however thatay have been directed towards me, a female). She also mentioned it gets cool in the orientation room, so bring a sweater, lol.

Nice to meet a fellow section D'er. My name is Beth BTW. See you then!

Also, I have all books except the writting class. I was informed to wait until after the first day of that class, the prof might change some things up.

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