It's Elena Kagan for SCOTUS

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Re: It's Elena Kagan for SCOTUS

Postby MJMD » Tue May 11, 2010 3:58 pm

APimpNamedSlickback wrote:i dont understand, or empathize with to the tiniest extent, all of the crying about school diversity on the court... trying to branch out a little and maybe pulling more people from say nyu instead of yale wouldnt exactly make the judiciary fundamentally any less of an elitist institution...

I'm not really advocating for "school diversity" (and I'm not really sure where you're getting the "all of"; I only posted because I hadn't seen the issue raised before). But it is kind of... odd.

I definitely would want the best people on the court, regardless of what school they went to, and there's a fair chance of this being busted up, anyway, if Obama picks a Columbia or Chicago or Stanford grad following Justice Ginsburg's retirement. But the one way in which I can see a lack of "school diversity" as being harmful is if it convinces the best and brightest in America that they have to go to Harvard or Yale in the future, regardless of all other considerations, and if the other great centres of American legal education wither as a result.

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