too late to apply?

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too late to apply?

Postby kevhern » Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:42 pm

Hello all, I was planning on applying for fall of 2011, but certain factors have changed and I would be able to apply for Fall of 2010. I have a few ?'s and would appreciate any insite. First, do law schools look down on multiple applications in subsequent years? Basically, If I were to apply now before the deadline for some schools and not get in, would it have a adverse affect on applying in october of this year for 2011?

2nd any insight on what you think my chances are on the following schools if I apply now for 2010?

Cal Western
Thomas Jefferson
USD, part-time program
Loyolla Los Angeles part-time
South Western part-time

2.75 GPA, 156 Lsat, non-traditonal applicant( left school {UCSB} in 2004, 3 classes short of graduating went back in summer of 2008 and completed summer session w/ 3.6 gpa from uci) granted my degree winter of 2010 becauuse of waiting for grade change from professor that was no longer in the country)

, multiple alcohol related offenses in undergrad (2xminor in posession, drunk in public, DUI) 6 1/2 years since last offense

battery charge because of a bar fight, reduced to disturbing the peace, 3 1/2 years since this offense, and am using it as a driving force for me wanting to become an attorney

Thanks in Advance

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Re: too late to apply?

Postby gdane » Mon Mar 29, 2010 3:03 pm

At this point I would retake the LSAT and apply in October for fall 2011. I just dont see any benefit to you going right away. Plus, the charges against you would raise a few eyebrows this late in the application process. A school is probably going to admit a person with your numbers, but no charges simply because they want to smartly fill the few spots they have left.

Just wait. Study for the next few months and retake the LSAT. A better LSAT score can make things a little easier for you. Although, those are quite a few charges against you.

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