Richmond 2010

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Zinn Man

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Richmond 2010

Postby Zinn Man » Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:02 pm

I just spoke with the Richmond admissions office. The committee is going to meet next week and start (I said "and start") looking at applications with hopes of getting decisions out by the last week of March. I asked about an admitted student visit day, and they do not have one. They do a deposited open house (i.e. you need to submit your first deposit to attend). I asked if she was aware that most law schools ask for a decision by April 1 (the 15th at the latest) to retain your scholarship offer and she said "oh, yes. You'll hear in plenty of time, honey." A week before, on a school I have never seen yet? (in which she told me not to visit until I knew I was in first)

I guess the only thing I can hope is that the first deposit is easy to refund if I don't like it (that is if I get in at all). From the books and website the school looks fantastic, but the visit really tells you everything. This seems kind of like an odd process, especially for someone who applied and went complete mid-November. The only other school I have been waiting this long on is Washington University, but I understand; we're talking about a top 20 school with over 4,000 applications this year. That seems reasonable, but I can't imagine Richmond gets those kinds of numbers.


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Re: Richmond 2010

Postby amassherst » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:04 am

Hey I got into Richmond a couple of weeks ago. They do have a deposited students event (can't remember the date, packet is at home). Their first deposit is $250. Then their second deposit is also $250.

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