Illinois, Cincinnati, or Chicago-Kent for public interest?

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Illinois, Cincinnati, or Chicago-Kent for public interest?

Postby kf1214 » Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:18 am

Okay, right now I'm trying to decide between Illinois, Cincinnati, and Chicago-Kent. I know there's a huge disparity in rankings among these three schools, but keep in mind that I'm really interested in doing public interest (probably working in a legal aid clinic) and not making the same kind of money as someone working in a big law firm. Obviously, Illinois is the best ranked school, but I would probably have about $80,000 in debt from tuition alone there, while it would be more like $30,000 at the other two school. What do you think--for public interest, should I go to a lower-ranked school in an urban setting with a better scholarship or the best-ranked school I can get in to? I hate decisions!

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