Hastings (sticker)/Illinois ($90K)/USD ($75K) for So.Cal

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Hastings vs. Illinois vs. USD for So. Cal placement

Hastings (sticker)
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Illinois (90K)
USD (75K)
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Hastings (sticker)/Illinois ($90K)/USD ($75K) for So.Cal

Postby lateforthesky16 » Sat Feb 27, 2010 6:25 pm

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this! I'm from San Diego and would like to return to the area (Southern California generally) after law school. I'm in at Hastings with no money, in at Illinois with $90K (no strings attached) and in at USD with 75K (must place in top third). I'm WL/deferred at UCLA, Texas, Cornell, and Georgetown (PT). Obviously if I get in to one of these I'll go there. FWIW, I didn't apply to USC.

So, out of Hastings, USD and Illinois I'd like to attend Hastings. It seems like it places well enough in California. I'm having a hard time justifying choosing Hastings over Illinois, though, because of the great scholarship to Illinois and its higher rank. Would I be crazy to choose Hastings, especially considering that it's more of a Bay Area regional school? Thanks for any input!

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