YP at Michigan is DISGUSTING

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Re: YP at Michigan is DISGUSTING

Postby englawyer » Mon Mar 01, 2010 7:55 pm

Kakarot wrote:
Dean Z responds! wrote:

I’m really glad you asked! We do not have this information on an individual level, but every year, a few months after the class matriculates, the Law School Admissions Council generates a huge amount of “overlap” data, showing us in the aggregate which schools our admitted students were choosing among. To a certain degree, the size of a class dictates the overlap, but not exclusively. Our biggest overlap school is always Harvard, with NYU, Columbia, and Georgetown pretty close behind—but this year, Duke and Cornell, which both have small student bodies, were the next two. I won’t go through the whole list; you get the idea. (Interestingly, the admissions process at medical school is quite different, and admissions office do get this information on an individual level, albeit only after offers are made.)

Someone asked my question and it wasn't me. Awesome.

I still call BS, because of reasons I have noted before. They can only accept a certain amount of people and filling that quota with high numbers only that won't attend would be foolish.

exactly. YP in some form or another is an essential part of the process. admitting everyone above X/X risks over-populating the class, in addition to the hit in selectivity for every admit granted. and if the high number person REALLY wants to go, they can get off the WL (as they are usually not rejected outright).

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