The "My Cycle Is Almost Over" Nostalgia/Hindsight Thread

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Re: The "My Cycle Is Almost Over" Nostalgia/Hindsight Thread

Postby blue5385 » Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:18 pm

honestabe84 wrote:There is a lot of talk on here about applying early. I was curious as to whether or not all of you think there is any difference in taking the June LSAT and applying in September as opposed to taking the October LSAT and applying in late October/early November. It's obviously prudent to take the June LSAT in case you need to retake, but does it matter if you apply VERY early (i.e. September) as opposed to applying somewhat early (i.e. sometime before mid November)?

I don't think it does. From what I've seen on the boards there are people who applied in early Sept. who haven't heard back from some schools yet but also people who applied right at the deadline who have heard from the same schools. If it's a decision between giving yourself more time to prepare for the LSAT & getting your apps out the door early, the former option wins out.


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Re: The "My Cycle Is Almost Over" Nostalgia/Hindsight Thread

Postby charlesjd » Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:23 pm

It feels great to know I am going to one of my top choices (I had a 3 way tie and one of them threw a huge scholly at me). I can concentrate on finishing strong in undergrad and with my frat and new legal internship. Top Law Schools just is not the same.


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Re: The "My Cycle Is Almost Over" Nostalgia/Hindsight Thread

Postby honestabe84 » Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:38 pm

I'm surprised no one has mentioned staying off of TLS. I think it cost me some GPA and LSAT points. :)

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Re: The "My Cycle Is Almost Over" Nostalgia/Hindsight Thread

Postby ShibaDan » Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:17 pm

def2104 wrote:6:4:1:3

I only applied to schools where I knew I'd be happy...essentially the T-14 or bust mentality, and I really recommend this to people who aren't excited about the idea of a lower ranked school. That's not to say if WANT to go to a T-14 but rather if you can get into probably at least 1 and you know you would go over anything in the 17-25 range with money, don't waste the application fees/time/effort. I applied to only 2 schools outside the T14, and didn't really want to go to one but it was in my geographic location and the other UCLA I had heard good things about from my employers who went there.

Also, if you're going to ED think it through. I wasted my ED at CLS, probably had a much better shot at NYU and instead am in CLS deferral land, NYU no mans land, and getting ready to put down a deposit on a place in Ann Arbor.

THAT being said, I was such a city boy not even really interested in going to the south or midwest but the more research I did on Michigan the more I grew to love it and am taking it over schools in big cities and other T14s with more money. So I guess once you start getting accepted be sure to give every school a chance, because how you feel at the beginning of your cycle might not be how you feel at the end.

I am happy with the way my cycle turned out. There were disappointments along the way of course, but unless you're sporting a 179/4.0 that will more likely than not happen from time to time. Nonetheless, I feel like everything worked out for the best and I'm ending up where I should be. No matter what school you end up at, if you feel like this at the end, you've had a successful cycle. Congrats on all of us almost being done, :D and good luck to the poor souls about to begin! :twisted:

Sorry I forgot. Of the 6 I got money at 4 and withdrew from the other 2 before any offers were made.

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