Also on the Waitlist

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Also on the Waitlist

Postby enkizu » Wed Jan 27, 2010 9:22 pm

I got my waitlist letter yesterday. CU is definitely my first choice so now I am doing what I can to get get off it. My grandmother is trying to get all of her attorneys and judge friends to bombard them with letters of recommendation. I am begging her not to. There is one of them however that has known me well for a number of years and I'm considering letting him write me a letter. What do you guys think? I mean he mainly knows me as a friend of the family. Is there any chance this could do harm? I'm a little afraid he will try and name drop my family. Also if I let him write a letter, there is another lawyer who is insisting to write one, but he has only met me a handful of times. It's completely ridiculous. What would he say? "Tara's grandmother always said she would be a great lawyer, and I agree!" It would be a freaking joke. Otherwise I have written a letter stating that CU is my first choice and given updates on my new volunteer positions, and I have asked my supervisor at the organization where I volunteer for a recommendation.

Main point of this... Should I let the lawyer friend of the family write me a letter?
Sub point... is there anyway to trick the other lawyer into thinking he's sent a LOR, but not have it actually arrive at the school?

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Re: Also on the Waitlist

Postby UrbanAchievers » Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:40 pm

Point: Dunno, didn't read your whole post.

BUT, for your sub-point: absolutely. let him have his fun and send it into the LSAC, but don't assign it to any schools. Done.

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