Averaging 161 on Pre-40 PTs...

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Averaging 161 on Pre-40 PTs...

Postby lesak1313 » Thu Dec 03, 2009 10:28 pm

I have a few questions that I would like to get a few different perspectives.

1. I'm averaging about -22 (161) on my PTs, but all have been pre-40 PTs. Is this an accurate prediction of my potential score on December 5? (I've had enough practice with the dual passages in RC).

2. Due to financial obligations (forced to live at home), the only school I'm applying to is Rutgers-Newark. The 25%/75% splits look like this...

GPA - 25% - 3.13 / 75% - 3.60
LSAT - 25% - 155 / 75% - 161

With an undergraduate GPA of 3.29 and an LSAT score of >/= 160, what are the chances of my acceptance? Will it almost guarantee my acceptance?

3. If I feel that I did not perform well enough to achieve a 160+, should I cancel my score, put in more time and register for the February LSAT?


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Re: Averaging 161 on Pre-40 PTs...

Postby traficante » Fri Dec 04, 2009 2:26 pm

1. I have found the RC is much more difficult post 45 or so. The curves are also easier for the early tests. So the short answer is no, they aren't representative--they are probably generous by a few points. But if you've been doing section practice on the recent tests (comparative, etc.), you might be ok.

2. A 161 or greater will be close to a guarantee of admission. There are no sure things, but being at or over the 75th for the LSAT is big, especially since you are over the 25th for GPA.

3. For Fall 2010? Or Fall 2011? If 2011, I'd cancel and retake if you don't feel you hit your score. If 2010, I don't know Rutgers' admissions well enough to say if that is possible. Keep in mind you can also keep the score and retake and then send on an improved score if your goal is 2010. I'm not sure of the details of this strategy, as I don't plan to use it, but a search of the forums should find you some answers.

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