Word of Advice for RC

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Word of Advice for RC

Postby Moose29 » Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:38 pm

Slow down!!

Let me tell you my experience. I started studying 3 months ago. Got the LG basics down from the bible, worked a little on LR out of the lsat trainer, started practice testing. Was scoring in the low 170s on practice tests. I couldn't beat RC, though. Averaged -1/-2 in LG, -2/-3 in each section of LR, but -5/-7 on RC. It was what was bringing my score down to the low 170s instead of mid 170s.

Then I decided to spend a day diagnosing my problem with RC. I started timing myself. How long to read the passage? How long to do the questions? I found out I was only spending 1-2 minutes on the passage. I was so concerned about time that I ended up flying through the passage. This led me to struggle on questions and spend way too much time on them, which then exacerbated my speed read of the next few passages as I raced against the clock.

Now, I take 2:30-3:30 to read the passage and absorb the info, jotting notes along the way and underlining important info. I then feel confident going into the questions and breeze through most of them. Some still give me trouble, obviously, but I;m now down to -2/-3 in RC which has improved my score significantly. So, my advice is slow down. In the end you'll actually speed up, and possibly be a couple points ahead by the end of it.

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