Is taking PT's really the way to score high?

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Is taking PT's really the way to score high?

Postby mbeattheheat » Mon Dec 17, 2018 2:52 pm

I know that most, if not all top scorers recommend taking as many PT's as possible. I've been studying for about 4.5 months and have only done about 10 full, timed PT's. I can't get myself to start taking multiple PT's a week because my thought process is if I can't score a 180 untimed, what good will it be to start taking full PT's timed?

I always say, a golfer can practice a bad swing 100 times, but if he never starts practicing a good swing, he won't get any better.



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Re: Is taking PT's really the way to score high?

Postby Drewbdu » Sun Dec 23, 2018 1:35 pm

You’re right that bad habits should be avoided, therefore it is probably best to get the basics down then do PTs. By the end of your study schedule I’d suggest taking as many PTs as possible. Once you understand the fundamentals, it really becomes a matter of increasing speed and familiarity with the test questions.

My current plan for the March 2019 LSAT is: Follow LSAT Trainer and PS Bibles, take a PT once every two weeks or so while going through the books. After I finish the books, I plan to take two or three PTs a week until the test.

I would take a diagnostic to begin with because that is super helpful in determining where you stand, but I wouldn’t stress over taking a ton of PTs until you’ve got th basics down.

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