Advice for a newbie?

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Advice for a newbie?

Postby zwcai » Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:42 pm

Thank you all in advance for reading this post. I'm fairly new to lsat. I'm a 3rd yr in college and decided to go to law school towards the end of the summer. I bought all the books in the summer but officially started a little over a month ago, and intend to take the march one if all goes well. If not, I will resort to the one in june. I focused mostly on LG in the past month or so, mostly doing cambridge by type 1-38 and watching 7sage. I'm fairly satisfied with where I am right now, averaging -1/0 on each game 50% of the time, and I'm confident that with enough practice I can average -1/0 on the whole section. My biggest concern is my LR right now. I finished reading Manhattan LR two days ago and started doing cambridge by type yesterday. I'm very into analyzing myself, so I measured my time and accuracy with regard to different difficulty levels. I started off with flaws. Difficulty 1 was fairly easy, I could get around 95% right, with each taking between 45-50 seconds. Difficulty 2 gives me a little more trouble, averaging a bit over 80% while spending about 1 min each. Difficulty 3 questions really made me anxious. I got 70% right while spending 1.5 minutes each. I haven't done difficulty 4 questions yet, but I'm guessing 60% right with 2 mins each. I'm not sure if other types will be any different, but how trainable is the LR section? Moreover, how drastically have LR questions changed in the past 20 years? Do 1-38 LR questions still provide me with useful skills and knowledge? Are they even relevant anymore? My last question is about RC. I haven't officially started preparing for RC yet, but I did the RC section from PT60 just to get a feel of it. I got -6 and felt OK, though it was significantly harder than ACT for sure. I'm not sure how to approach the passage. Some people recommend reading for 4 miuntes while taking copious notes, while some think it's better to finish reading as soon as possible and go back to it when necessary. I can finish reading the article and do some bsaic markings in around 2 mins, am I reading too slowly? How long do typical test takers need to finish reading the passage? I'm extremely anxious about LSAT right now, and I want to maximize my efficiency. Again, thank you for reading and I greatly appreciate any advice/suggestion!

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