LSAT Diagnostic 151 and 7Sage Schedule Help

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LSAT Diagnostic 151 and 7Sage Schedule Help

Postby advokatethis » Sat Nov 17, 2018 4:21 pm

Hello everyone,

First, thanks in advance for any help! I am a non-traditional student 7 years out of undergrad and 3 years out of my graduate program planning to apply to law school in the 2019-2020 cycle next fall. My undergrad GPA is low (2.94) so I need to rock the LSAT to get in. I am aiming for a 170+. I took a cold, timed diagnostic today and got a 151. RC was 19, both LR sections were 17, and my logic games was the lowest at 7.

I signed up for the 7Sage Ultimate course, and was originally planning to take the March 2019 LSAT so that I have time to schedule a retake if needed so my applications are still early in the cycle next year. Does this sound way too aggressive? Should I plan to schedule the first exam for June or July of 2019?

I am also wondering how to set up my study schedule with 7Sage. Their custom scheduler (since I signed up for ultimate+) has me doing 45 hours of material a week if I covered every single PT, but more realistically with my full-time job I can only do 15-20 hours a week. Is the main goal to work through their "Core Curriculum" before you start doing any of the newer PTs?

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