Quick Questions & Happy Hello's

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Quick Questions & Happy Hello's

Postby Former R1 3v3 » Fri Sep 21, 2018 6:06 pm

Hey everyone! :)

Just made this account. Wanted to write a quick introduction and also a short list of some questions that I have about the LSAT exam. My name is Mike and I am getting ready to take the LSAT for the first time this coming November. I am both extremely excited but also very nervous. I just began studying by using the free Khan Academy LSAT preparation guides and resources. I also ordered 30 LSAT exams to do for practice in order to stimulate what the exam will be like. I understand that I have less than two months to prepare but granted I do believe in myself and am dedicating easily thirty to forty hours a week to study for this while working only part-time for now.

Thank you everyone btw! :)

1 - During the exam is there a clock/timer that is displayed to let you know exactly how much time you have during the exam?
2 - Is there a way to know which sections are the most common on the exam, or, what questions (types of questions/problems) are the most common?
3 - Are there any simple/basic tips and tricks to read questions faster and more effectively or to quickly eliminate obviously wrong answer choices?
4 - How do you know which 5th section is the ungraded one?
5 - Any pointers or words for advice?

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