Be careful with enrol with the princeton review

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Be careful with enrol with the princeton review

Postby Julia Do » Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:49 pm

WORST and FULL OF LIARS!!! It took me whole month to deal with princeton review and nothing got solved. I enrolled in princeton review in April 2018 for LSAT- 84 hrs ultimate course. The whole course lasted for 2.5 months and I took the exam in June. Overall, the course had multiple technical problems and I had to make multiple to report the problems but nothing got fixed. My score in June was even lower than when I took the practice exam. So I called and told them that my score was bad and I was not happy so what could them offer? They said that even though they advertised "GUARANTEE BETTER SCORE OR MONEY BACK", they would not return any money back. However, they offered me to retake the course AND a 3 months extension since my account would be expired in July but there was no course ID available yet. I accepted it, my account got extended but I did not have any access to my old recorded lectures or any full tests (to open the tests, you needed haihaisoft pdf but princeton review did not extend my haihaisoft account). So I called back to report the problem and princeton review said that the 3 months extension only give me access to the lesson video but not the recorded lecture and haihaisoft??? Then I called back again to speak with the technical support but nobody picked up or returned my call. I started to feel very disappointed about this company but I SPENT almost $1500 for the course so I had to keep calling. Eventually, I called and talked with a princeton review assistant (a guy) who convinced me to retake the course. He told to go online, look for the new course schedule and called back. So I did but when I called back, they wouldn't let me retake the course since I already had the extension???? very DISAPPOINTED and UPSET. Each time I called princeton review, I was told different and inconsistent. I explained to them my situation and questioned about their consistency. They could not answer but they wouldn't let me retake the course or refund the money. I requested to speak with the supervisor. The supervisor told me that she pulled an "old "recorded phone call and said that I made decision to extend the course instead of retake the course??? She also claimed that I was well aware that I could only choose EITHER retake the course OR extend the course. Ridiculous!!! I requested to listen to the old recorded call and the supervisor rejected it. She told me to get an attorney and the court if I want to listen to the recorded call??? I also told her to pull the recorded phone call between me and the guy who told me to extend AND retake the course. She refused to do so. The problem was not solved! I'm stuck with an stupid, limited access and useless princeton review account. Not sure how big the company is but definitely is full of liars and unreliable. I'm writing this to warn all students not to get trapped by the princeton review companies. Go to other prep companies for better score or at least better services!

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