Best resources for achieving a perfect LR score?

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Best resources for achieving a perfect LR score?

Postby iar » Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:41 pm

I'm aiming to push my score over a 172. Most of this is going to come down to improving on the LG section, and I will be taking an in-person course supplemented by self-study between September and November for that.

I have about 3-4 weeks spare beforehand though and wanted to use some of it to try and perfect my LR score. At the moment I consistently drop between 2 and 3 questions per section. I'd like to be dropping no more than 1 per section.

Can anyone recommend some resources so that I can focus in on this? I was previously a grad student in history so a lot of it comes naturally to me, but I'd love to try and identify my mistakes a little more clearly and learn a few tips and tricks. Obviously I don't want an entire course, but I do want insight and lots of practice. I don't currently have any books for LR.

Happy to spend money where it makes sense, but would be grateful for some recommendations on what might work best for someone like me.

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