LSAT Retake advice! Way below PT average!!

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LSAT Retake advice! Way below PT average!!

Postby LWSKL2022 » Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:11 pm

Hey everyone,

I started studying for the LSAT in January and recently took the June administration as my first try. For preparation, I worked through the bibles and the 10 actuals. I did about 35 practice tests with my range for the last 15 being 167-169; however, on the June LSAT I made the dumbest mistakes and wound up with a 160. My score is no where near what I need for the schools I'm looking at. I know a retake is obvious but has anyone experienced this the first time around?? If so, how much of an improvement was the second try and is it likely I'll go back to my PT average? Looking for hope!

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