So confused as to where to start

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So confused as to where to start

Postby MeAndMyNilChances » Wed May 30, 2018 6:43 pm

Hey, Y'all!

Complete newbie here, so please don't roast me too hard.

So I'm signed up for the September LSAT, and it's going to be my first time. I took a timed diagnostic (never looked at an LSAT question prior) and scored in the high 150s (sad). I'm trying to break 170 because I'm AA URM Male, and I think that'll open a lot of doors for me. I'm currently at around a 3.66 LSAC GPA bc of my damn STEM degree, so I need to score really high on the LSAT for T14, which is why I'm freaking out.

I missed the most on LG (only finished two games), and the least on LR (I think it was ~-4). I have the LGB and LRB and Manhattan Prep RC, along with preptests 1-70 something. I'm wondering what the best strategy is from now till Sept. I've just went through the first chapter of LGB, and understand it well; finished games at the end of the chapter in around 10-12 minutes (-0/-1). Should I just keep going and move on to the advanced linear games chapter, or do I drill after each chapter, until averaging under 8:45?

Also, should I try to review RC after LG since that was my second lowest score, or should I go straight to LR since it's easier to improve?

Thank y'all so much in advance! Any help is appreciated.


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Re: So confused as to where to start

Postby DerKatze » Wed May 30, 2018 7:34 pm

I'm by no means a subject matter expert, but I can make a couple comments.

The fact that you missed the most questions on LG is good. LG is the easiest to study for, and everyone is capable of doing very well on the section with a fair amount of studying. The other two are much harder to study for, because they are more skills based in nature. I can't answer your questions about when to move onto the next section or what to study next, but I can say that you should be doing at least several LG games in your free time everyday.

Being an AA male makes you an underrepresented minority (URM), which means the stats required to get in aren't as high. A 3.66 should put most of the T14 well within reach. Beyond that, I'll just post this guide:

Good luck.


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Re: So confused as to where to start

Postby chad2 » Wed May 30, 2018 9:26 pm

As a URM with a 3.66 you've still got tons of options. If you hit 170+ or especially 175+ then almost nowhere is completely off the table (and with STEM). I found personally that the time element to logic games comes pretty naturally as you start doing more and more of them and learn how to quickly make inferences, combine rules etc., so I wouldn't worry too much about consciously trying to cut down your time on the games you've already done. I also find RC to be harder than LR so I'd probably focus on that.

BTW a diagnostic in the high 150s is a pretty good place to start.

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