June 2007 LSAT Cold Diagnostic 155

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June 2007 LSAT Cold Diagnostic 155

Postby rmlydon » Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:59 am

Hey All,

I'm a long time lurker but just recently registered. A little background about myself, I have an associates degree in automotive technology from Vermont Technical College and spent the last 5-6 years working as a European car mechanic. I'm 28 and have been to a few colleges in my younger years like Wentworth where I left after not doing well and Vermont Tech, so these are sure to bring my LSAC GPA down lol. I attended night school at a local community college for my last two years as a mechanic where I maintained a 4.0 and transferred to the University of Mass Amherst. I'm entering my senior year next fall and have continued to maintain a 4.0.

I have paid little attention to the LSAT until recently after realizing that I would be able to graduate next year due to the chance alignment of a myriad of factors. I plan to take the September 2018 LSAT and have started researching the best ways to study. I plan to order the Powerscore bibles, as well as take the Testermasters.net class in the later half of the summer.

I took the June 2007 practice LSAT provided by LSAC and scored a 155 in a less than ideal testing environment (Noisy common area, did not guess at question, started to half ass the reading comprehension section), but timed myself accordingly. This was my first exposure to the LSAT and I got 10/23 on LG, 20/25 and 19/25 on the two LR sections, and 21/27 on the RC section. I only made it through 16 of the 23 LG questions and did not guess because I wanted to see where I stood. So I'm -13 on LG, -5 or -6 on LR, and -6 on RC.

I plan to study for a solid 4-5 months starting immediately, but picking up considerable when school ends in May. I also plan to take the Testmasters course as previously stated. I am really aiming for at least a 170 with my heart set on either NYU or Columbia a first choices, but Georgetown as a fallback and Suffolk University as a safety net (Hopefully they will throw money at me). I am just looking to see what you guys think of these initial cold results and garner any suggestions. I know there are a million "What will I get on the LSAT" threads and there are many variables, but I am just looking for some impressions from experienced TLS minds!


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